Reasons for 10-year failure in protection of rights of authors in BiH

Sine Qua Non LTD was first and foremost unsuccessful in collecting the revenues and creating a reliable and transparent system of distribution of royalties to its members. SQN has shown, through a long period of time that is unable to create stable climate of trust and partnership with other interested parties involved with the collective management of rights.

Sine Qua Non Ltd has marked a decade of rights’ management with constant conflicting relationships and focusing on the processes that largely favored interests of a private company and its owner, of which the authors have seen very little use. We are not hereby referring to the conducts of litigation. That is an inevitable measure toward any user who doesn’t pay for the use of music, and follows the day-today operation of any Collective Management Society in the World. We’re talking about the period of ten years with poor business attitude and annoying behavior that has led to complaint of most Associations of potential users of copyrighted material, and to the complaints of most of the authors of this country. This has led to genuine mistrust in the work of SQN LTD of both users and authors alike.

Thus, Sine Qua Non LTD had become known as a controversial company in whole country, a company with shady dealings and non-transparent business operations. What is anachronistic to the current practice in Europe and beyond is that the collective management of authors’ rights is being administered by a private company. This is the case only in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

New legal arrangements in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in force from 2010, mean that only a legal entity in shape of Association can administer the collective management of authors’ rights, which is standard manner in the developed world. This legal solution gave strong impulse to authors to organize themselves and to obtain the necessary knowledge for collective management of their rights.