Reasons for revival of the AMUS association and its' main goals

After ten years of Sine Qua Non LTD’s administration of authors’ rights, the status of musical authors is below all expectations. Even more disheartening is the fact that the authors whose quality is well above average are getting up to ten times less royalties from their works than below-average authors from neighboring countries. Authors clearly expressed their dissatisfaction with the work and results of the agency that was supposed to represent and protect their moral and material rights with the reactivation of Association of Composers – Musical Creators AMUS, the Association that was originally registered back in 1946.

From the revitalization of work in June 2010 three meetings of the Assembly were held, new leadership was elected and new office in Sarajevo was opened.
By simply examining the list of members and their repertoire is evident that all the relevant and regionally appreciated authors from all over the country are now members of AMUS.