The Culture Fund and Solidarity Fund

The Law on Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights in BiH, Article 7 Paragraph 2 states: "Exceptionally, the Statute of Collective Management Society may predict that certain part of collected royalties can be allocated for cultural purposes, as well as the improvement of pension, health and social status of its members. The amount of fund so allocated must not exceed 10% of net income of Collective Management Society " 
With respect to this provision of Law, and considering the number of unresolved status issues of its members, AMUS has decided that the maximum legally allowable amount of 10% of net income be allocated for these purposes."
The Association will create a plan of work and expenditure of funds, and will appoint the Commission which will then provide the Steering Board with proposed ways of allocating of these funds. Decisions on use of funds will be made by the Steering Board or for that specially appointed committee.

Also, AMUS will especially focus on activities and funds of the Pensions Governing Bodies in BiH, since all the taxes and duties are being regularly paid for authors to this body with no benefit for the authors whatsoever.
In that sense, it’s necessary to communicate with the Pensions Governing Body and define the way to make these funds available to authors. This is possible to define by making notes of payments that are made in authors’ name, or to collect all these funds into one account which can be later used to resolve any issues that members may have.